By: Kyle Fischer

Code Writing vs. Normal Writing

The processes of writing and coding a web page have challenged what I have traditionally thought about writing. It has taught me to use elements and include information on a topic within the elements. For example, I have learned to use lists (both ordered and unordered) to write code where on a normal writing assignment you just add bullets. I used lists for coding my favorite movies and bands in my first coding assignment. Another example is that you have to add an element for a paragraph instead of just indenting and starting to write a normal paper. As a coder, you can still type the normal information you would in a normal research paper or other writing assignment and have the same information. For example, for the resume assignment, I copied and pasted the actual resume into the code and just added style and formatting elements to it to make it look more professional and creative. Also, creating a link is different in HTML than it is in a normal paper. For HTML, you use an element in order the web page to allow the user to go to a different webpage. In a normal paper, you would use MLA format which involves the author, title, and other important aspects of the webpage and not just the link. Adding color and style to a webpage involves CSS and you have to code the actual font size and other aspects instead of choosing it in a normal writing assignment. For example, I had to use elements for design and content to make my resume look better for other users.

Coding of the Resume

The project has continued to improve throughout the semester. Learning new coding along with the help of other students and the professor really benefitted the project. I also have made significant progress in designing webpages the way professional pages look. Applying borders, font styles, colors, and a decent background for the resume really gave it the look it needed. Through the readings, I have also gained knowledge of the different elements of web coding within each element. For example, I learned how to make a rounded border. I never even knew some of the fonts that existed such as Bookman Old Style until I saw it as one of my font choices when seeing it on Microsoft Word. If I had the time, I would have designed a gradient background using Photoshop to improve the color scheme, but I did not have Photoshop or the time to do so. I also would have used skills (if I had them) to add even more advanced graphics to the resume using another coding language. That would have been an interesting thing to do. I am comfortable with writing for the Web, but there is always room to learn more about it. I know that God has me where he wants me with writing code. I trust that through my hard work and God's help that I will improve in writing code. In fact, I am excited to see what is in store for the future in coding!