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My Professional Statement

Communication has become one of my biggest strengths with practice over the years. Through my experience in college, the path of certainty includes journalism because of my interest in impacting others through writing. Using my computer skills and knowledge of editing gains my interest more as my life continues to unfold.

The area of focus for my skills would be for either graphic design or journalism because the idea of becoming a news reporter and/or graphic designer for a news corporation would be a dream of mine. Creating designs and/or composing online articles and newspaper stories would be a great honor for a successful news company. Through being a reporter, I would have the opportunity to change the world by reporting news stories that will affect people in a positive manner. For graphic design, I would use my creative art skills to create designs that will affect people positively. The reporting of crucial news and/or creating eye-opening designs can transform the way people see the world, and I believe there is a moral obligation for broadcasting the news in an unbiased and ethical manner by those who have been entrusted with this position and for graphic design to show resilience. We have seen how different cultures have been negatively impacted by the poor reporting of the facts in significant news stories.

It is interesting to analyze the way that different sources report the same story. For example, I did research on how three different news sites told the same story of the pope visiting central Italy because of the tragic earthquake. It was enlightening to compare the way the different news sources informed their audiences about the visit and what details were included and left out among the stories. I also learned how certain designs affect people in certain ways-one does not look at a design if it is too busy and/or hard to read.


  • Saint Joseph's University
  • Bachelor of Arts; Communication Studies Major, English Minor
  • GPA: 3.18
  • Expected Graduation Date: May 20, 2017

Work Experience

Internship Williamsport Area School District Public Relations Department 2016

  • Wrote press releases, business invitations, and organize news articles
  • Worked with news story structures for the press releases; developed layouts of invitations

Leadership Experience

Orientation Leader-Student Leadership and Activities 2015-2016

  • Developed leadership skills such as prioritizing tasks
  • Communicated with parents and future students
  • Provide Saint Joseph's University resources to students and parents

Liturgical Ministry

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion 2015-2017

  • Administered Communion to people at church

4:16 Retreat 2015

  • Learned stress management techniques

Chapel Choir 2013-2014

  • Effectively worked with a diverse population in a group setting

Ignite Freshman Retreat 2013

  • Mastered techniques to work with others in a professional manner


SJU Improv 2014-2017

  • Acquired knowledge of problem-solving strategies

Service Experience

Appalachia Experience (APEX) 2014-2016

  • Built homes (built, painted) for economically disadvantaged families

Hand-in-Hand 2013-2017

  • Serve food to people who have disabilities
  • Provided additional assistance where needed at the event

Relay for Life 2014-2017

  • Raise awareness and donations to fight cancer