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I chose these links because I wanted to show that I can write and use digital media. I also wanted to show that I can write in a variety of forms and can produce decent presentations as well. These stories mean a lot to me and shows how I have grown here at Saint Joseph's University. Working in groups for the Sunday Breakfast Story and the Networking Presentation turned out to be very productive and a learning experience along with working individually on the other projects. The Christian projects show my faith in God and Christ, and the Time Management Story taught me how to work with a schedule more productively. The Sunday Breakfast project taught me about nonprofit organizations, and the Networking Presentation taught me about future connections for jobs. The Orientation Leader Video forced me to reconnect with my video editing skills I learned in high school.

Civic Media Sunday Breakfast Report
Time Management Story
Orientation Leader Video
Analysis of Christian Websites
Networking Presentation
Christian News Report

Graphic Design Examples

Fischer Insurance Ad
Animals Christian Image

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